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Cultiva Brands

Cultiva Brands assists in the planning and implementation of "GO TO MARKET" that maximizes the reach, effectiveness and success of introducing a product or service to the target market, as well as how it is marketed and sold to consumers.

We offer comprehensive sales support to companies so that they can place their products and brands on the market, involving all possible activities.


Cultiva Brands started with a simple goal:
to help companies bring their products and services to market.


João Carlos Prado Filho

João Carlos is a business management with specialization in Marketing and a career developed in the Commercial areas (Sales, Purchasing and Category Management), Marketing and International Trade with more than 25 years of experience.

Currently, Founding Partner of Cultiva Brands. Previously, he was head of sales, responsible for off trade sales departments, including more than 2,000 customers and key accounts of the company.

He has also acted as category manager, product manager, supply chain and foreign trade in several companies such as Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Sadia Trading, Qualimpor-Esporão and Globalbev.

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