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It’s time of Private Labels: find out why to invest in it

Brand management - 24/04/2023

It’s time of Private Labels: find out why to invest in it

Own brands have gained more and more relevance in the market in the hearts of consumers. In short, they are products developed and marketed by one company, but bearing the name or brand of another, usually a supermarket chain or retailer. In the past, they were considered low-quality options as they were priced lower than other brands. However, today the scenario has completely changed.

Own brands have consolidated themselves as quality products, gaining consumer confidence and being a revenue option for various types of retailers. One of the main advantages of private labels is cost reduction for the companies that produce and sell them.

As these products are developed and produced by third-party companies, the production cost is lower than the production cost of traditional brands. This allows companies to offer products at more competitive prices, attracting consumers looking for savings on their purchases. In addition, the large-scale production of these products also contributes to lower prices.

Another advantage of private labels is the possibility of personalization. As these products are developed to meet the needs and preferences of customers of a particular retail chain, it is possible to create exclusive and personalized products, meeting the specific demands of consumers.

Own brands are also a way to strengthen the relationship between the company and the consumer. By offering products with its brand, the company is seen as a reference of quality and trust, creating a relationship of loyalty with its customers.

In summary, private labels have gained increasing relevance in the market by offering quality products at more affordable prices, promoting personalization, consumer loyalty and healthy competition. Therefore, it is important for companies to be aware of this trend and invest in the development of quality products to meet consumer demands. Finally, it is essential that consumers are open to trying these products and realizing their quality and advantages over traditional brands.