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Wine in Brazil: trends and news in 2023

Tendencies - 24/04/2023

Wine in Brazil: trends and news in 2023

The wine market in Brazil has undergone significant changes in recent years and the trend is that these will continue into 2023. With the increased demand for quality wines and the search for new sensory experiences, wineries are adapting and innovating to meet these demands.

One of the main trends in the wine market in Brazil in 2023 is the increase in the production of natural and organic wines. With consumers’ growing concern for sustainability and health, wines produced without pesticides and chemicals are gaining ground. These wines have a more authentic flavor and reflect the characteristics of the region where they are produced, providing a unique experience for consumers.

The consumption of premium wines is also expected to increase in 2023. With the recovery of the economy, consumers with greater purchasing power tend to invest in wines of greater quality and sophistication. The search for rare and exclusive wines must be a trend for this public, boosting the high-end wine market.

Another trend is the rise of online wine sales. With the pandemic, many consumers started shopping online and this trend should continue even after the end of the health crisis. Online wine stores must invest in technology to provide a more personalized and attractive shopping experience for consumers.

We also see a greater supply of wines in practical and accessible packaging, such as cans and plastic bottles. These products have the advantage of being lighter and easier to transport, as well as being more accessible to consumers who are just starting to get interested in the world of wine. And they are an option to attract younger audiences, especially consumers of generation Z.

It is necessary to be aware of these trends and seek to innovate to meet consumer demands.