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Representative from Morandé Wine, Strategic Consulting, Cultiva Brands, Has a New Partner

In the Media - 13/06/2023

Representative from Morandé Wine, Strategic Consulting, Cultiva Brands, Has a New Partner

Cultiva Brands, business management consultancy and commercial representation, announces Carla Rosa Godoy as the new partner of João Carlos Prado Filho, founder. The company develops strategies that connect brands to consumers, cultivating a collaborative network of relationships that catalyze, strengthen, and facilitate the entire new ecosystem of product and service distribution. In Brazil, it is responsible for representing Morandé Wine Group, one of the largest wine groups in Chile, among other projects developed over its 3 years of establishment.

Carla Rosa has over 20 years of career experience, with a background in various sectors and types of companies. She started working in the healthcare industry, holding a degree in Biomedicine and a Master’s in Health Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP). She also has an MBA in Management with a focus on Marketing from FGV. Between 2014 and 2022, she worked in the commercial area of an American multinational as a Sales Executive, responsible for negotiations, client management, and developing the best solutions. In 2019, she was recognized as one of the top salespeople in the company in Brazil.

“I am honored and very happy to embark on another cycle of learning, knowledge, and opportunity to apply everything I have learned over the years at Cultiva Brands. My years in the healthcare industry have taught me how to best serve the customer, and my almost 10 years leading sales and negotiations with technical support have prepared me for this new journey,” explains Carla Rosa.

Carla joins João Carlos Prado Filho, who has over 30 years of executive experience. He is a business administrator with a specialization in Marketing and has built his career in areas such as Sales, Purchasing, Category Management, Marketing, and International Trade. “Carla’s arrival will be essential for us to explore new areas of Cultiva Brands and to dedicate ourselves even more to our clients, knowing what to offer at each stage of their brand’s development and nurturing them throughout their entire timeline,” comments João Carlos.

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