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Celebrate Easter with the best Chilean wines from Morandé

In the Media - 26/06/2023

Celebrate Easter with the best Chilean wines from Morandé

Morande Wine Group, one of the main wine groups in Chile, presents wine suggestions to make the Easter celebration even more special. Together with the educator and brand ambassador in Brazil, Keli Bergamo, they selected some of the brand’s main Chilean wines for different palates.

For starters, we suggest our Sauvignons Blancs from the Central Valley, produced from areas with a coastal influence and from young vineyards, with fresh and fruity profiles. They are the perfect combination for the codfish cake. Labels: Terrarum Reserva Sauvignon Blanc | Pioneer Sauvignon Blanc .

For pairing with cod-based main dishes, our Chardonnays and Pinots are a great choice. With medium body and more complex notes, they work very well with the texture of codfish and its accompaniments. Labels: Morande Terrarum Select Blocks Chardonnay | Morande Gran Reserva Chardonnay | Morandé Terrarum Select Blocks Pinot Noir.

Finally, for those who want to try unusual grape varieties for their food and wine combination, we suggest our Morandé Adventure Creole. Produced with Cinsault and Pais do Vale do Itata and by carbonic maceration, it is a light and relaxed wine. Excellent to transit throughout the meal in different pairings.

Morandé is committed to producing high quality wines that reflect the essence and richness of the regions where they are produced. We hope that our Easter wine suggestions will make your celebration even more special” explains Keli Bergamo.

About Morande in Brazil

Viña Monradé is represented in Brazil by Cultiva Brands in partnership with Marcel Simolin from Hat Digital, and Keli Bergamo, professor and wine expert, who together are responsible for the brand’s Marketing and Communication strategy, including Instagram (@vinhos_morande).

If you need any other information on this or any other topic related to Viña Morandé, you can contact our Brand Ambassador Keli Bergamo directly by email [email protected] or whatsapp: 43-99602-0099.

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